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5 lessons for the poker game that can be learned from toddlers

Imagine standing at the foot of the great pyramids in Giza and thinking, “How did they do that?” – Then you see your nine-month-old daughter chasing hundreds of camels at the feet of a piece of paper and suddenly appearing The poker task of the pyramids is not that difficult anymore.

Imagine standing at the foot of the great pyramids in Giza and thinking, “How did they do that?” – Then you see your nine-month-old daughter chasing hundreds of camels at the feet of a piece of paper and suddenly appearing The task of the pyramids is not that difficult anymore.

1. balance
william kassouf 2 Do not be deluded!
Once upon a time there was an advertising slogan on TV that said, “work, recreation and play”. That was almost the trinity of balance. I’m sure the author of this slogan had no children.

William Kassouf became the most famous poker88 player in the loudest voice last year. His constant presence at the WSOP 2016 made him a superstar and brought poker here and there in the mainstream media.

But imagine, you have to sit next to him. This might be something like sitting next to an extremely strong wind blower, which slowly but surely the entire skin of the body itself. Twelve hours next to Kassouf and you end up as the character Stryke in the movie Airplane.

Many people forget that there are two parents. If you’re the professional poker player, you’ll most likely spend your time with the game and other players. Take the WSOP for example. How do you manage six weeks of poker if you have a nine month old child?

Creating time for the child is an incredible experience. You learn that it gives me in life, as just poker game. Taking a break from the game not only helps the partner and the child, it also brings the game to life with a whole new take on it.

2. Values

After nine months, you begin to think slowly about the child’s future. What will you wear? Who will they be with? Will they play poker someday?

A little kid is a bit like a new computer. They have hardware – the diet, blood circulation, and so on. And they have software ideas, values, worldviews.

When it comes to programming the software, it quickly becomes clear that everything is fresh. The way it is thought is taken over by the parents in the first place. It is very likely that a child will grow up with the same foundations as the parents – including a view of religion, race, or whether Santa Claus exists or not.

With a child one is forced to go on an archaeological journey into his own values. What are your own world views, what are the values, what are your ideas? How was one programmed yourself?

Most of us just march through life without wasting too much thought on such issues. Values, however, are one of the biggest motivations behind our actions. So how are these knitted? And how do you want them to be knitted?

Take, for example, Igor Kurganov. His values ​​drive him to donate part of his profits after each tournament victory. But what if your values ​​are fashion and fast cars? Your children will adopt these values. So what will it be? Fast cars or a better world?

3. Concentration
chips3 Better concentration
There are so many things happening around you in the world at the same time, but you do not see most of these things. As a human being, one is almost a cyborg by now. The smartphone has become more or less a solid body part and we spend a lot of time every day browsing through our social channels to read updates from friends we never see.

We live in a world without focus and at the poker table – whether live or online – we are also constantly filed. But if we’re not 100 percent focused on the game, we’ll give up a lot.
With a nine-month-old child, concentration is extremely important. If you let them out of the eye for just a minute, they have fallen out of bed, picked up a pair of scissors or sucked on some kind of shoe soles.

Concentration is not only important for the child to survive, but also to connect with the child. So you can also switch off from the rest of the world and concentrate fully on the child.

This also helps with the game of poker.

4. nutrition
Jason Koon3 Learning the right nutrition again
Overweight, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and dental problems are the most common causes of deadly diseases in the Western world. You already knew that, right?

The problem with humans is that they think they are immortal. Maybe we have a kind of switch that makes sure we do not deal with our own mortality, if not necessarily.

We will never make the right decisions, because we do not believe that our time has come to an end. The lifestyle of a poker player is particularly dangerous here, especially in terms of nutrition and fitness.

5. Let poker be poker too
Goabeach Let poker be poker!
In my apartment, I set up a barricade in front of the kitchen door to make sure my child does not come in. This barricade consists of a yoga mat, two briefcases and an old helium canister. That does not look nice, but it makes sure that my daughter does not just crawl over to me and does climbing exercises on me.

But you also need time off the tables. Otherwise you become dependent and that can not be healthy. You have to learn to let poker be poker and build a kind of barricade. Find something else now and then that keeps you and your synapses fresh!